Wheezing hen, advice please..........


11 Years
Oct 11, 2008
Hardwick, NW New Jersey
One of my Ameraucana hens began wheezing yesterday.
She does this on inspiration and expiration, and then occasionally shakes her head and makes a clown-horn noise.
I have her isolated.
I put Vick's vaporub under her wings and under her nostrils.
I am about to worm her with Ivomectrin.
A friend recommended giving her Sulmet (Sulfa antibiotic) in her drinking water as well, to try to "cover all my bases".
But I'm finding the Sulmet directions a tad, um, confusing.......................
Can anyone answer any or all of these questions, please?

Directions say.....
1. Do not medicate chickens producing eggs for human consumption. (This does NOT say ANYTHING about 'eggs being safe to eat
10 days after medication is stopped'!) Can I never eat their eggs again??????????????????
2. Add the required dose to that amount of water that will be consumed in 1 day. (How much water will ONE CHICKEN drink in 1 day?)
3. For Coryza.....medicate for 2 days
For Fowl Cholera.....medicate for 6 days
For Coccidiosis.....medicate for 2 days, then 1/2 strength for 6 days
(So how many days for a wheezing chicken????????????)

Any advice appreciated, thank you


Mrs Fancy Plants
11 Years
Nov 4, 2008
Cross Lanes, WV
I think its usually three week time before you can start eating the egg

You may want to do a search on You tube for Gape worm as well to see if that is similar symptoms.

other than that little bit, I have very limited knowledge

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