Wheezing & no eggs?!

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    Nov 20, 2013
    So my hen is a little over 2 years, and she has had 3 baby chicks so far who were all born on 4th of July. I still think they're way too small to be outside in the back, so I've kept the babies and the mother hen inside our house with a large box about 5 ft. wide and 3 ft. high. The mother hen hasn't layed any eggs since she's started sitting on these last ones, and she has a bit of what sounds like wheezing coming from her throat. Her beak is a little open when she makes this sound, as if she's out of breath and needs water. But she doesn't want water which is strange. She eats and drinks regularly and I let them walk around and feed on veggies. Any reasons why she might be wheezing? It's very unsettling and I really want to help her. Thanks in advance! [​IMG]
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    Hi my thoughts would be that she needs some fresh air being in the house means she is breathing all the dust in that is produced in the brooding box. I know when I have chicks in the house I can never believe how much dust they make. Could you maybe make her a covered pen or run outdoors? Otherwise my thoughts would be a respiratory problem maybe infection.
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    Is this the "I'm too warm" heavy breathing?

    Also, we have regular laying chickens and chickens that are supposed to be regular layers, but they take time off on their own schedule and lay when they feel like it. Provided there are no symptoms of being egg bound, I wouldn't worry too much about a chicken who is mothering chicks but not laying.

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