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    I purchased some pigeons a few days ago. I noticed right away that one of the new birds was breathing heavy & sounded wheezy. She is breathing through her nose, but I can stand a good six feet away from her & hear her breathing. She sounds like she has a chest cold & her chest is moving in & out harder then it should. She is a little slimer then she should be, but otherwise looks very healthy. Her poop is normal & she doesn't have any eye or nosil discharge. She is also eating normal. I have them sitting in an open pen away from my other birds, thinking that the fresh air will do her some good. I have Terramycin on hand, but I've never tried to give it to pigeons. Has anybody on here used terramycin on pigeons or does anyone have any sugguestions with what might work better? Any suggestions with might be wrong with her? The rest of the birds that I purchased seem very healthy, so I'm hoping the issue just involves her.
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    I have NO experience with pidgeons, but I was on-line yesterday (I bought some brewers yeast with garlic powder for my chickens) I have never supplemented using this product before. I just googled "avian use of brewers yeast". The reason I bring it up is because this product is designed for pidgeons and provides all the necessary b viatamins, it also has the added benifit of helping with pulmonary issues. Wish I could be of more assistance check out www.pigeons.biz I hope that link works. Good Luck.
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