When and how do we introduce new "chicks"

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Sep 8, 2012
We have 4 red mix hens that are one year old with one very dominate hen. We purchased 6 new chicks this Spring and kept them in a brooder set up in the basement until they had feathered out. They are now in a 4x8 pen with their own roost and feeding and water station inside of the larger pen we have for the 4 other girls. They are able to see and lightly peck at each other through the wire although the little ones show no interest in the larger and vice versus. When and how do we allow them all to run together. I have heard putting them on the same roost at night (ours wake up when you go in there at night), letting them together outside before having them inside together, put them together with a lot of scratch grain so they just start feeding together. Wondering what works best for everyone.
I just answered this question for someone else. So instead of retyping all the info, please go here and scroll down to post number 2. I hope it helps! Pullets do not need to be bullied to be integrated. They just need time and space. The above link will show you how.

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I would introduce them watch them for a half hour or so they should get the pecking order figured out in about 5 minutes otherwise seperate if it goes beyond that.
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I can't free range -too many fox and coyotes too close to the buildings along with coons and hawks. Fairly sure we would have a lot less chickens very fast.

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