When and How to introduce a injured hen back to the flock

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    Hi All!! First off, thank you all for being so helpful in the couple of threads I've posted.

    I recently had one of my Wyandotte's get injured. She was pecked pretty bad on the back of her head and last much of her feathers.We think she might have had a small injury that caused her to bleed and the rest went a little crazy for it. We took her to the vet and she is healthy now but the feathers have not grown back get and by the looks of it, she may remain bald there.

    It is a bit of a burden for us to keep her isolated in a crate in the garage and she is probably getting bored. we do let her free range during the day but i'd like to introduce her back so she can start being a normal chicken again with her flock! We have done a couple of times but it still seems like they are overly interested in getting at her.

    Any suggestions on it?
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    Whenever you reintroduce her, there will be some pecking at first to show her that she is at the bottom of the pecking order. I like to keep them in the coop together separated by a fence or through a cage. That should last at least a week if she has been out for awhile. BluKote may help to hide her bald spot. Most chickens that I have who have been pecked have all grown feathers back in, but it can take weeks. if they lose them on their backs, it may take until the next yearly molt. This is my pen where I can separate or introduce new birds or chicks. The top is normally cover with bird netting to keep unwanted visitors out. I can dismantle it, and store it until later.

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