When can chicks begin to eat other types of food & what should be given?

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    Apr 13, 2012
    right now i feed them chick starter that was given to me when i purchased them. I bought one April 6th and the rest i bought April 12. since i bought them from a feed store i have no idea how old they are....

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    Feb 22, 2012
    At the time of purchase they would most likely be less than a week old and/or closer to a few days old.
    So I would just say you have 1 week old's and 2 week old's.

    They can have treats....but all in moderation. you will have to have chick sized grit available to them. and start slow.....their gizzard will need the grit to break down the treat and it will also need time to develop the strength to do it. so little at a time to start.

    chick starter is like human baby food. It just slides down when wet. The treats need to be broken down by their gizzard.

    Chop up the treat into small pieces they can eat. They will whine and cry for more....be strong. [​IMG]

    Have Fun!

    Here's the treat chart.

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