When can goslings switch to 100% grass diet?


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Mar 4, 2020
I bought a 5 lb bag of flockraiser crumbles to start my goslings, but now I've been mowing strips of our lawn for grass supplement. They are 2 weeks old. They can go through a 2 gallon bucket of grass clippings a day. I probably have a week left the flockraiser, but can I just start feeding them grass full time? They get niacin supplements in their water. They also spend at least 2 hours a day free ranging.
Oct 30, 2019
I continue to feed my babies because it's a lifetime of eggs and raising babies that I want to get a good, healthy baby with strong bones and immune system.I do cut tomatoes up for the birds all their lives for calcium. At 3 weeks I have a small food processor dedicated to grinding pellets they will eat as adults. I decrease grind time and increase amount of pellets and some alfalfa as they get older. But, the tomatoes can be halved and hung for enrichment. My birds mature associating tomatoes as treat for coming when I call and this reward makes coop training easier. I just enjoy them eating from my hands. I have lavender muscovy and vulterine guineas and they all will eat from our hands and coop up when called. I also only feed in evening, not free choice or before opening coop, so they aren't full and get exercise foraging during day. We feed black soldier fly larvae (bsfl) to our birds most of year. They are easy to raise and natural.


Jun 6, 2018
My geese get feed along with grass all of their lives. Geese are just like humans. They eat meat and veggies. Even though mine free range during the day and go in at night I still provide earthworms, mealworms, and black fly larvae

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