When can I change up their food's


11 Years
Apr 18, 2012
My oldest chicken's are a month old, had got them April 11th and 13th, When do I change them off to Chick Grower? Also, when does their peeping turn to clucking?? lol Been curious about that.
So you have chick grower and not chick starter?
What brand is the food? It usually has it written on the bag although not everyone feeds it that way. Also it depends on the type of chicken you have. Being broilers versus egg layers.My chicks are on starter and will be on it for 4 months, but they are egg layers. Usually broilers are a shorter span and can get a different food.Mine were hatched in the beginning of March and they are still peeping.
No, they're on chick starter was wondering when I change them to chick grower, and I get their food at Acco Feeds they usually break the foods down in little brown bags, the bag I got today says Nutrena I think I'll have to recheck it. Feels like yesterday that I got them, they're getting big and getting out of their box lol.
My thoughts are peeping tell like above said 12/13 they start makeing cackling /crowing noises.Clucking to me is the noises a BROODY makes (way back we called it CLUCKING or SETTING HEN) and I doubt you will see it this year probably next.Its not something that young hems do tell they get a little older...cva34

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