When Can I Let Her Back Out?


Apr 26, 2017
So last week my Barred Rock, Dorothy, was diagnosed with pneumonia--she's on Bactrim twice a day and under a heat lamp in a dog crate in our garage. Today's high is near the 50s here in VA and she's starting to look a lil depressed. I'm curious how long you guys would isolate your sick girls from the flock? I have 2 others in a large run that gets sunlight in the afternoon and I'm wondering if I can let her out there for a few hours to get some sun and friends. I mean normally for humans you're good on an antibiotic after 24-48 hours right? She's been on meds since Monday so we got 4.5 solid days of doses. She's definitely still wheezing as I believe the fluid in her lungs was significant--doc didn't think she'd make it. She hasn't laid an egg in a 2 days either probably due to sickness and lack of light.

Just looking for some advice on if I should let go with her girls for a few hours in the afternoon or just keep her contained until it's been a week and the full dose of Rx are done.

Thanks :)
If it were me , given your moderate temperatures, I would gradually start transitioning her outside while she is still on antibiotics. Monitor closely to make sure she is handling it well and the flock mates are not picking on her.
Depression will kill her as surely as a respiratory infection in my opinion as they start to go off their food once they lose the will to live which leads them into a decline. Can you put the dog crate next to the run rather than in the run itself? That allows her company but in a safe environment.

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