When can I put size 12 bands on my pullets? Update - got my answer!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Kelly G, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Kelly G

    Kelly G It's like herding cats!

    I banded my Barred Rock pullets with the colored plastic spiral ring bands. The thing is, I cannot remember how many weeks old they were when I put them on and they STAYED on!

    Now, I have 30 new chicks that I'm "growing" and I want to be able to identify individuals as soon as possible...but can't remember how long I have to wait! GRRRRRRRR!
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  2. Mahonri

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    I've never banded. We always just watch them enough so that we know who is who.

    Wish I could help.
  3. Kelly G

    Kelly G It's like herding cats!

    I'm a little obtuse...and not very perceptive [​IMG] I really need those colored bands to help me keep track of who's who!

    This one

    looks like this one:

    Who looks like this one:

    And, without the band, who can tell who this is!
  4. CalicoFarm

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  5. cmom

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    Guideline Chart for Bird Leg Band Sizes
    No. Band Size Fits
    2 1/8" Canaries, day old Quail
    3 5/32" Parakeet, 1-4 week old Quail, Doves, Cockatiels, Guinea keets
    4 1/4" Baby Chicken, Coturnix Quail, small Pigeon, adult Bobwhite Quail
    5 5/16" Pheasant hen, Tumblers, medium Pigeon, Homers, Wood Duck
    6 3/8" Pheasant cocks, month old Chickens, large Pigeons, Chukar Partridge
    7 7/16" Ringneck Pheasants, Mallards, Wild Ducks, Bantams, Feather Leg and Runt Pigeons
    9 9/16" Wild Ducks, Pheasants, Leghorn hens, Ancona, Silkie, Gamebirds
    10 5/8" Wild Turkey, Minorcas, Cross breeds, adult Guineas
    11 11/16" Rock hens, Wyandottes, Rhode Island Red hens, Leghorn cocks, medium Ducks: Runners, Swedish, Harlequin
    12 3/4" Wild Geese, Rocks, Turkey hens, Geese, Jersey Giants, Orpingtons, larger Ducks: Pekins, Rouens, Muscovy
    14 7/8" Canada Geese, Turkeys, Honkers, Jersey Giant Cocks
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  6. ewesfullchicks

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    Sep 27, 2007
    Just beware....

    If you band your birds young, with a small band, then you need to know when you need to change them out!

    I bought older birds that had been banded when young, and didn't notice until the bands cut off circulation to their legs, etc. which was horrific. Only a couple, and a happy ending, but I shoot for NO sufferi

    I'll be banding the next birds with the largest rings possible.

    Rachel, TX
  7. cmom

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    Nov 18, 2007
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    I band my birds with the size the chart recomends for adult birds. I have had a couple of bands come off. When my hens were young pullets I put zip ties on them. When it came time to cut them off, some had tightened up somewhat.
  8. Kelly G

    Kelly G It's like herding cats!

    Hey, guys! Thanks - so much - for the replies. I appreciate all the info!

    What I'm looking for is: at what age did you put the bands on and they stayed on?

    I used the size chart to buy the correct sizes for the breeds I have...I just can't remember at what age I put them on my first chickens...when thier legs were finally big enough that the bands wouldn't just fall off as they walked around.
  9. Kelly G

    Kelly G It's like herding cats!

    The correct answer is 8 weeks old! You put them on and they stay on! Yeah!!! Now I can tell who's who!

    The pullets are 9 weeks old today, and their legs are plenty big enough that the bands stay put...and they could have been put on last week just fine!

    So there's the answer for anyone wondering - and for me to remmeber next time!
  10. Glenda L Heywood

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    Apr 11, 2009
    size 12 would be adult leg size
    probably 6-8 months old

    the number bands are better I think then you know what hen you are looking at

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