When can I put them outside

If I remember correctly it's about 5 weeks until they're fully feathered and can handle fluctuations in temp better. I'm paranoid and give them access to a sheltered area with a heat lamp until they're at least 3 months old.
I would wait until they are 6-7 weeks at least. I know they must smell terrible being that you have so many but I wouldn't wanna put em out too early and have em get sick and die on you . Unless you can put a heat lamp out with em I wouldn't risk it.
I'd wait a little longer too. I'm near Asheville, NC and the nights have been getting chilly! We're getting down into the 40's and it was in the 30's last week. It's normal to wait until they're 5 weeks old and fully-feathered, but the fully feathered part is the important part. Just a little while longer!!
I was told to start at 90 degrees and to lower the temps 5 deg per week until you get down to room. Temp. My birds are 9 weeks old and they are in the coop now for 3 weeks with no heat source and I am in wisconsin. Its beeen in the low 30s at night last week . They are doing great and I only lost one . The temps or illness had nothing to do with it she just would not go into the coop at night and must have finally been eaten by a predator

Hope this helps
My 6wk old babies had access to a heatlamp for just the first 2 days of their lives when they lived with their breeder.
I brought them home and stuck them in a 10gal aquarium in my coop. Bedded them in pine shavings & I did provide a fleece babyblanket they could cuddle in...mostly they pooped on it.

Nightime temps dipped near 40 in the first few weeks & they were fine in their glass coop.
They graduated to a 30gal and a couple weeks after that to their own mini-coop.
I fenced off a part of my coop for them - about 6sq feet.
They are still in there with time outdoors in a playpen of netting while I'm at work.

The hens can see them but not get at their food or water.

Last night they spent their first night on the roosts with the Big Girls.
Noone died so soon I expect they will join the flock fulltime.

IMHO the chicks are a lot tougher than some folks give them credit for.
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I'm in the camp that they are fully feathered out at 4 to 5 weeks and have never provided heat after 5 weeks.

I don't know the conditions in your garage. I'd be real tempted to not give them heat during the day and see what happens if you don't give them any heat at night. Probably not much but then your garage is probably pretty warm compared to the outside temperature. With 25, they will sleep in a pile with or without a heat lamp so they will keep each other warm. They are not piling up because they are cold. They are piling up because they like each other. If they are cold, their distress peeping will tell you.

If they have never been without light, they may be scared of the dark and protest the lack of light, nothing to do with heat. I think it is a good idea to leave them in the dark for an hour or so before you totally take away the light. Otherwise, they may give you the wrong message when you do put them out.

Good luck!
I put my 3 week old chicks in the coop last week. I hung the red heat lamp about 24 inches off the floor. We had a few nights up here in Mass where it was in the 20's and they did just fine. They run around and when they are chilly they go under the lamp.
If I'm out in San Diego where temperatures are pretty mild, when is the soonest I could put out my little chickies?

I have this peculiar dilemma where the medium sized cage I was using for the 3- 5 week olds was "borrowed" and not returned. I feel horrible that my two little ones have very rapidly outgrown their current cage and it seems like my only alternative is to send them outside sooner.

Anyone have ideas?

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