when can i stop giving heat and puit my chicks outside?


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Apr 2, 2008
i have 6 4 week old chicks...when can i put them outside in my coop with out the heat?
What State do you live in?
What type of chickens are they and how Many?
How big is the space/coop?

I just put my 7 week old Cochins outside
with a 60 watt yellow bug light, in a metal brooder lamp, About 20 inches above where they cuddle to sleep.
They seem happy & Fine they are in a small 2X4 Pen

I think if you put them out you will still need the 250 watt red light about 2 feet off the floor.

If its a small space and you have lots of chicks to cuddle you may be able to use a 100 watt yellow bug light.

I think you need the area under the light to be 75/80 degrees.
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I most all states, it is still too cold. Keep in mind the rule: start with 95 degrees, and decrease the temp by 5 degrees a week. So, your 4 week old chicks should be at 75 degrees. It it's sunny, you can turn your light off during the day. At night though, the goal here is not to see what you can get away with, but to insure their survival. My chicks are at 9 weeks old now. We have had day time temps in the 40's-50's, and often with overcast skies, so the light has stayed on (it's out in the hen house), so they can come inside to it and warm up, which they do often. I can do away with the light at night in 2-3 more weeks. BTW, last night it got down to 24 degrees! Don't take the heat away too soon!
i live in long island new york i have three sex links and 3 aracunas...the coop is about a 5x4 and about 3 feet high. they are in my brooder in my room but they are now starting to annoy my dad so he wants them outside lol.
They probably can't go outside. Unless your dad is able to build them an enclosed coop with a heater (or a safe place to put a heat lamp), they are going to have to stay inside until they feather out.
hey bdin11-where on Long island do you live? i'm in nassau county and was wondering about regulations in our area.

Just print all this advice off and let your dad read it and I am sure the 2 of you will come up with a good solution.

If you put a hook on the ceiling of the coop and run an extension cord you it may work

BUT there is one problem and that is

IF the lightbulb blows while no one is at home or you are sleeping the chicks will die before morning.

SO IF you plan on trying to put them out in the coop you need to put in 2 lamps and use two 60 watt light bulbs.
That way if one blows out they will still have one to get under.
thanks for the help
on friday ill be posting pics of my coop to see if its any good.. its the first one ive ever built

i live in suffolk
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