When can I take the chicks away from her/.

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I have a Dominique who hatched two chicks. She is not friendly toward anyone. I have her in my office and she is stinking up the place. I have two older chicks in a brooder nextdoor and she get's out of her pen goes over to their pen that has a wire cover and turns and poops into their pen.
I can't put a cover over her she's to big and needs to stretch. She doesn't get down into the room. Amazingly. She is aggressive to the two (not hers) chicks as they are about a wk or two old. It would not be so bad but she won't let me get into her pen to clean the poop and she keeps scratching straw into the water.

I'd like to put her back n the coop. Would that upset her? I tried searching the older posts but that's not easy and I didn't find an answer in the first 30, so I came here to ask.
As long as her chicks have the heat they need you can take her out anytime. If the size difference isn't too much you may be able to mix them with the week olds. I have had eggs hatch a week apart and be fine together. I hope this helps. I am sorry I didn't see this earlier and you had to wait all day! I am sure you are anxious to get her out of your house and into hers!
Not as anxious as my wife is.
but anxious just the same. I just don't want to upset her more than necessary. Thanks for the advice.

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