When can my ducks swim

jaybird fogarty

In the Brooder
5 Years
Apr 9, 2014
I just got new ducks and I was wondering how old my little ducklings have to be before they can swim in a kitty pool that I put in the garden in front oh there coop I took all the plants out and stuff so it's just a kitty pool a coop and well that's all so how long do I have to wait to let them swim it the kitty pool any replied would be greatly appreciated thanks
My ducklings are 4 days old and I put a tin inside their brooder with about 3" of warm water. They love it. Just don't leave it in there unsupervised.
You don't want them to chill so keep close eye on temp of water and take them out when it begins to cool down. Most of us use the sink or tub and put warm water in just to be able to stand first. always staying with them while in the water, then take them out pat dry and put directly back into their brooder to finish drying.

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