when can they eat scraps?

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They can eat: grass, dandelions, cooked potatoes, spaghetti, lettuce and apples.
I know there are more things that they can eat but can't think of any more.
honestly I keep two buckets for scraps...one for only organic..one that protein or meat products (if any) goes into..
organic goes to my chickens...the other goes to the pig...

that way no scrap goes without a home & none goes into a land fill.

also..I used to..& will again...bake my chickens egg shells then crush to feed them for calcium..it seemed to work & I did not have any turn cannibal on me.
I've also seen people put corn and water into cupcake pans, freeze it and give it to their chickens when the weather is hot.
I got "Raising Chickens" by Gail Damerow at the local library and that helped explain what they can and can't have. Good luck!
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