When can they go in the coop???

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by olp_63, Jul 12, 2008.

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    Ok, so my new coop will be done in a few days...I will be putting my 2 nine week old Cochins in there along with my Runner duck and Pekin duck (both are hens).
    But I also have 8 bantams, they will be about 4 weeks old when the coop is finished. Is 4 weeks too young to be sleeping in the coop at night and out in the run in the day time? Should I keep them in a large cage in our garage until they are older?

    I would really like to put them in the coop/run so they can really get some fresh air and excercise! [​IMG]
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    My month old Buff Orpingtons went outside a few days ago and are doing fine. As long as they are feathered out they will do fine outside. And if the birds are all the same age, or pretty close they should do well together, just watch out for the battles if you have any bigger birds.
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    Quote:That's where i get worried. My ducks will probably need to be separated because they are both a year old. My Cochins are 8 weeks, and the bantams will be 4. The ducks have had a history of being bullies at times. But they eventually get used to the fact that they have to live with these other birds. But I don't wanna take any risks of anyone getting hurt!
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    Jun 8, 2008
    I just put my month old chicks in the run last week. I used a large metal dog crate, covered the top for shade and set it up so the little guys could get in/out but the older chickens couldn't get in. I used a cat carrier-which they "roosted" in for the first few nights-and I would put the closed carrier in the coop when I locked up at night. After 3 nights the babies just went in the coop on their own with no problems from the big guys. They still are using the kennel for protection during the day. It also allows me to give them starter while the others are on Layena. This has made the transition very easy for me and for them.

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