When can they go out side??? they need the space...

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by momofdrew, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Our chicks hatched about 6 weeks ago and are feathering out well...they are in a large dog kennel they hardly ever curl up under Minny the Momma except at night...they are in the coolest room in the house but still in the house...average temps are still below freezing outside...when will we be able to put them out in the coop...it is just the babies and the momma no other birds...Momma goes out for about 15 mins a day for her spa time in the dirt in the run...we are going to get three storms in the next few days so it wont be this weekend...We are getting tired of cleaning up after Momma but wont seperate them... [​IMG]
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    can you put them in a garage or something so they can adjust to colder temps better?
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    If mom is still caring for them they should be fine outside in the coop. You could always add a heat lamp.
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    could she keep them warm enough with the heat lamp...I am sort of worried about putting a heat lamp out in the coop though...
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    the heat lamp will be safe if you don't put it too close to the birds and bottom of the coop and make sure you only use the kind with the ceramic end not the plastic one. the ceramics are made to take the constant high heat and will be fine. the plastic end will get too hot and melt if left on too long. if your still worried they sell timers and plugs with thermostats in them. i forgot the name of the stores but search arround byc cause thats where i found them.
    good luck
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    As we just got another foot plus of snow today we are unable to get the babies and momma out side so we are going to rig up a brooder in the barn out of a cardboard dryer box...the lamp does have a ceramic base so hopefully that will be fine... they are just to big to comfortably reside in the dog kennel...hedgewig is bigger than the other 2 and have been pestering them so they need more space.... the coop is buried in snow and the pen door is frozen open... so keep your fingers crossed that they will be ok in new larger brooder will send pics after we get it all set up...
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    I always hang a brooder/heat lamp by metal chain. I wrap the chain around a rafter or beam, attaching the chain back to it's self with a C-link. This is a very sturdy set up. If you can attach the chain to the lamp at 2 different points, it's even better. Some people use wire for this part.

    I've brooded in the coop before. With the coop door problem you have, the barn sounds like a good idea for you. I'm sure they'll enjoy having more space.
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    OK they did well even though the temps went to single numbers over night and the water didnt freeze...they have so much more room now and a bit of sun in the morning...I was such a nervous nelly I kept checking them all day yesterday and frist thing this morning...It is 25 outside temp and 85 under the light..

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