When can they go out?


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8 Years
Feb 4, 2011
East Tennessee
I have 9 chicks that are 4 weeks old and are almost fully feathered except for on their heads, then I have 26 Cornish x that are almost 3 weeks old but they only have feathers on there wings and starting to get them on there chest. I am just wondering when I can move them outside? I live in East Tennessee. and well we are still having some cold nights low to mid 30s and the days are upper 50s to low 60s most days. But we do have a few days in the upper 40s low 50s.
If you can provide them with some heat at night, it would be OK for them to go out now.
If not, can you maybe let them out during the day and bring them in when it starts to get cold at night?
Well I am gonna run a heat lamp to my coop next week end and this fuzzy butts are going out. They are loud, stinky, and well starting to jump out of there brooders.

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