when can u turn off the light at night?


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Jan 20, 2010
i have a chick that hatched on feb 9th, and i was wondering when u can turn the light in the brooder off at night?
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Whenever it's warm enough that they don't need it
At 3 weeks they should be at least 75 degrees or so, so if it's that warm wherever they are, you're set.
You'll know I have two and they started screaming becuase they were cold. I wouldn't turn of the light if the room temp is below 75. I had to move these guys back into the office where it's a comfortable 80.
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oh...darn.. my house is like 72 i think. is there like a certin age though?
suprisingly i loooove bulldogs!
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The "age" that they no longer need controlled temperatures of any sort, such as that provided by a light, is "fully feathered".

That seems like it falls anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks, but as with anything else when dealing with animals it varies from individual to individual.

You'll have to see what your chicks tell you. I'd turn your light off during the day -- for a long enough time for the temperature effects to be felt -- when you can observe them and see if they behave as though they're cold. If they don't (and you're sure your house stays a consistent temp; mine doesn't), go ahead and turn it off at night. If they do behave as though they're cold, try it again in a week.

Be aware that they will cluster a bit the first time they're in the dark. That doesn't necessarily mean they're cold; it means they're scared.
well thats good news. i thought i would wait until she fethers, unless somone said i could turn it off erlerer than that
suprisingly i loooove bulldogs!
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