When Can You Leave Baby Chicks?


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Aug 17, 2013
We are thinking of getting baby chicks, but we will be gone for 2 days when they are two weeks old. Is this doable, or irresponsible with chicks that young?
It really depends on your set up. If you are able to have them in a fully secure location, with plenty of food and water, i would say that at that age, they would be fine. :)
They would be in an 8x8x8 shed that locks and zero way for predators to get in.
That sounds good. I would be sure to secure a heat lamp (i use bungie cords or zip ties) where they can get warm if need be and make sure they can escape from any drafts. They won't be fully feathered at 2 weeks and need to be able to stay warm.

I certainly wouldn't let those two days keep you from going ahead and getting your chicks. :)
Use two heat lamps in case one burns out if they are not well feathered.

I am leaving 25 less than a week old broilers, three turkeys 1 to 5 weeks, and 6 5 wk old bantams alone for two days, then home two days while another turkey hatches, then gone a week and back for 22 turkeys hatching.

With the proper setup, redundant heat, adequate light, enough food and water and up out of the bedding, and nothing to frighten them they should be just fine.
Not meaning to throw a neg. on you but once in a while that's when Murphy shows up. do you have a backup plan if the power goes out? do you have a someone you can depend on? to put a LP heater or something in the coop while the power is off?
I'd also give them 2 water sources. maybe a bottle water feeder of some kind and a regular water source. Do you have anyone you can trust to pop in and check up on them?
My 2 cents as a new chicken owner that is on the fourth week of 6 chicks. They go through more food than I would have thought so making sure there is extra extra food is a good idea as well as a couple water sources that are low enough to drink from but high enough to be out of the bedding throwing fray. Nothing so deep as to facilitate drowning though, Mine go through a large (one gallon) graviity waterer each day including me wasting some water cleaning out the poop and bedding once a day.
As long as you can ensure they will have food, water, heat and there isn't anything that would require frequent checks, like pasty but, you should be fine. There are a lot of things that could go wrong with your little chickens while you're away, the sky could even fall. :p
Just do your best.

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