When Cocker Spaniels Attack!

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    Well, it was one Cocker, not multiples, and only one of my beloved hens and not all six. One of my Great Danes was out as well, but he has no interest in the birds. Apparently, one of my red sex link hens scratched her way out of the tractor at a low spot along the low rail, then tried to get back in when the dogs entered the back yard and was caught.

    Most of her feathers have been plucked from her back and a spot right at her tail bump has the skin torn off about the size of an old silver dollar. No bleeding, though. She IS a tad "shocky", but I'd expect that. The wound has been washed and cleaned again using a vet approved cleanser. What else can we do? We love our girls - and the six big eggs a day, often with one or more double yolks. Currently she is separated from the flock in a kennel with clean, cold water, fresh food, and a few meal worms as a treat.

    And ideas?
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    I would keep her isolated, warm and clean until she is completely healed. You can put some non-pain relief neosporin on the wound (the pain relief kind is not good for birds but the regular is fine). Watch her and report back if she symptoms change. Good luck.

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