When did your cockerel mature?


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Jul 2, 2012
At the moment I do not have a problem. Knock on wood. They free range all day long and I think that helps. I have someone who is supposed to take the silkie and someone who wants a welsummer, but if there is a problem I will separate them immediately.


Mar 21, 2016
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I now have a cockerel that will be 5 month's old in a couple more day's. He's a mixed breed cross of Naked Neck, Silver Grey Dorking, and Red Ranger. I still haven't heard him crow, nor have I seen him trying to breed any of the girl's. There is no mature rooster in the flock right now, so does he think that I am the flock's rooster? :gig
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Aug 7, 2020
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Due to my ignorance, the three straight run Buff Orpingtons I got at TSC were all cockerels. At least the three Black Australorps pullets were indeed pullets. All are the same age and raised together.

One BO began crowing at 8 weeks; the other two started at about 10 weeks. At 3.5 months, two of the three cockerels turned into unholy terrors. They came after me. They chased and mated the three pullets (who weren't yet laying) around and mounted them so much that the girls just stayed on the roost in the coop. If they were on the floor or the ground, one of those two was on them. I had to go in with bowls and hand feed and water them. Those two had to be culled.

The remaining cockerel does mate with the girls, but not incessantly. (Yes, one cockerel, three pullets.) He tidbits, he looks out for danger, he will take a treat from my hand and pass it off to one of the pullets. I have had to remind him that I am the boss a few times, but he does well by his ladies. They're all seven months old now. And yes, he's the one who crowed at 8 weeks. I have a picture of him in the brooder with his little wattles coming in; because of the way his head is tilted, he looks like he has a red bowtie on.

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