When did your hens start laying their first eggs?


Feb 10, 2015
Varysburg, NY
I have a bunch of different breeds and I was wonder when each breed might start laying. I have 3 dominques and when I ordered the it said they mature early so is that like 17-18 weeks?

I have 4 other breeds and when I ordered it said they mature moderately early so I was thinking like 20-22 weeks for them to start laying.
I have 3 Easter eggers
3 Welsummers
3 Buff Orpingtons
3 Silver laced wyandottes
3 Dominiques

So if you have those breeds I was interested in hearing when yours started laying.

Patiently waiting for that first egg.
Thanks so much! OMG 11 months!!!!!! That is so long. I really cant wait for pretty blue or green eggs. What time of year did you get your chicks?
Thanks so much!  OMG 11 months!!!!!!  That is so long.  I really cant wait for pretty blue or green eggs.  What time of year did you get your chicks?  

I got her 4/28/14 she laid her first egg last month. I hope this is not the usual for them. Perhaps it was of the tough winter we had here.

Hope you get some pretty eggs quicker then 11 months! :)
That's what I was thinking too. I am in western NY so we had a really cold winter as well. I got my chicks in February hoping that they would lay eggs over the summer and have time to lay a little before winter slows them down.
I don't currently have any of those breeds except the Buff Orpingtons, but I have had all of them in the past and all of mine typically began laying eggs from 20-24 weeks, a few a little earlier than that and occasionally one a little later than that.

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