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    We have some Broad Breasted Whites leftover from last year and I have two questions. At what age do they lay eggs and is there any chance they could be fertile eggs I could hatch. They will be 1 year in early May.
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    My experience is that they lay eggs at the same time that heritage turkeys lay eggs. It is a diurnal thing and they start laying when the days get long enough. Mine typically start laying in mid to late March.

    It is possible, especially with a jake doing the breeding that you might get some fertile eggs but it is highly unlikely. If you had a heritage tom there would be more chances of fertile eggs.

    If you are serious about breeding them, google artificial insemination of turkeys. There are videos of the process as well several good articles describing the process.
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    I purchased a few broad-breasted bronze turkeys last April. My first one started laying some time in September-October. I had one tom and he did try to mate at first, but got too heavy later and didn't even attempt anymore, so I do not have any plans to hatch any chicks. In fact, I've already ordered some heritage poults, and hopefully will be able to breed them successfully in the future. Out of 6 BBB's that I had, we had to slaughter 3 including tom because of sudden leg problems in spite of pretty limited feed and plenty of free-ranging, so I am left with 3 hens now. They all have been laying consistently since they started in fall and through the winter. I've read everywhere that turkeys are not supposed to do that, but I guess mine are different :) They lay almost as well as my chickens. In fact, I had a few weeks in late fall when I changed my chicken's feed and they all quit laying, while my turkeys continued to lay. On average I get 2 eggs every 3 days or sometimes an egg every other day from each of them - enough for us to enjoy, and they are delicious eggs.
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    X2, If you want fertile eggs, get a smaller tom so he wont crush the hens. I had BBBs in the past, two years ago the tom bred only one time with one of the females. I said only once because he was too heavy. She laid some fertile eggs. I hatched them in the incubator. Now I have heritage turkeys, the toms are lighter and the hens can handle the weight.

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