When do Buff Orpingtons start laying?

There is no set rule for when chickens will lay...but a good rule of thumb is 19-24 weeks on average. Think of it like humans..not every female hits puberty at the same age...kind of the same thing here.

Having said that, I have 2 BOs that are the same age. One matured much faster than the other. She laid at around 22-23 weeks and the other was 26 weeks.

You should be able to tell that they are getting closer when their combs & wattles grow & everything on their face turns bright red. Also, you should see the egg squat...Mine also made a tremendous amount of noise...
I think my girls were between 24 - 26, but it all depends on the hen / pullett. Once they do start laying though they are egg machines!
I have 8,,19 week old hens.. I just got my first egg yesterday!!!
Wasn't sure who laid it but today I had another one and there was an orange feather on it.. So it had to be my Buff Orpington.. My buff Orpington's have always had barely a comb and wattle light in color and I'd say just in a weeks time it got bigger and darker but still not as big as my australorps and barrocks have gotten. So I was surprised it was the Buffs that are laying first.. I really felt they were getting ready to lay,so I decided to change there feed from the medicated to the laying feed..The feed store said to wait till they are 21 weeks but I really felt at 18 weeks they would be laying real soon.. I was right and I'm so glad I switch just in time..So in my case my Buffs layed at 19 weeks!!
One of the things I've learned on here is that everyone's experience is different..which has been a great thing since I was getting hung up on the timing of the egglaying. How surprised was I to find that my golden comet laid at 15 weeks and has been a machine ever since. Who would've thought that one would lay so young?? So ya just never know..
Ahh, 18 weeks is a good time..I'm hoping my other girls start earlier. Do BO's usually start early> they are big birds aren't they.

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