When do ducks lay and pet duck Q's?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by duckncover, Nov 14, 2009.

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    Jan 17, 2009
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    I wanted to know because I'd like to hatch some call ducks this easter. Also if I got permission from my mom to keep a pair of them could I use the chicken diapers they sell on here to turn them into house pets? I'd probably keep them in a dog pen when their not out in the diapers but could they be happy in the house. They can't live outside since they are illegal in my town but I can and will take them out once a day for sunlight. I'm guessing they aren't too loud but tell me about their calls. I have an Amazon parrot in my house and he's very loud and no one ever complained so I can't see it as an issue. I seen a lady on youtube that keeps a hen and a roo as house pets. I'm not sure if she's on her or not but I'd like some input. Is it even possible to keep a duck hen in a diaper with the egg laying? I love ducks more than any other animal since they have that unique ability to imprint on people. Of and almost forgot to ask, do they still follow you around once they grow up?

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    Geez, if you've got an Amazon parrot not hauled away yet I don't see how the neighbors could complain about a couple of ducks. Mine quack especially loud when they want to be fed, but if you keep them fat and happy (boy are you going to really need the diapers then) I'm thinking they're going to be okay. BTW, the males are pretty quiet compared to the females. It's not that they don't try to quack, they just don't get much noise out in the process.
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    Ducks can imprint, but don't count on them to - some people try and try, and their ducks run away from them. You could try the diaper thing, but duck poo is incredibly runny and stinky, so I can't imagine it would be pleasant changing the diapers.
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    Call ducks are extremely cute but I don't think any duck would want to live exclusively in the house. Ducks are very messy not just with their poo but also with their food and water. They would much rather be in a mud puddle than in the house. Female call ducks are VERY loud.
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    I haven't had a chance to look, but are the chicken diapers like these duck diapers?

    If so, I've used em and they're nice. The harness has a good solid hookup for a leash, too. They're actually pretty easy to clean up with a duck because the poop is so watery that the bulk of it soaks right into the diaper. It's a bit more work with a peachick... and smells worse.

    However, you can't leave it on all the time, and you need a place where your duck can lay her eggs minus the diaper. An acquaintance of mine has a duck who's an almost exclusively indoor pet; she keeps her in a dog crate or the kitchen when her diaper's off. It sounds like too much work to me - she has to time her day around the duck's laying time. You might want to stick with a male. I'm a big advocate of only having one duck if you want it imprinted, anyway, though two will certainly be more likely to bond with you than 15. I always got mine bonded by carrying them with me everywhere from the moment I got home. It's easy early on, not so much as they begin to grow. Not sure about calls, but medium-sized ducks shoot up fast!

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