when do EE's start laying?


Dec 27, 2008
Pasadena, CA
Our BR's started laying almost 2 weeks ago, but the EE's are still slacking! They're all the same age . . . any idea when they'll get to work? They're about 21 weeks right now.


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May 14, 2008
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Many EE's don't lay until they are 25 to 30 weeks... I have an ameraucana that is 9 months old and has yet to lay an egg. Go Fig.


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Dec 8, 2008
Glendale, AZ
Our chickens started laying at slightly older age because they were born in the fall and that slows their start of lay a little bit. Our first fall chicken started at 22 weeks and our spring chickens (BSLs) started at 18-19 weeks of age.

This is the list of when each of our 13 fall chickens started to lay, so that you can see the difference in our 3 easter eggers compared to the other breeds. One EE started very early (even beat the leghorns), the other 2 started 2 & 3 weeks after our first egg was laid. Your EEs will probably start anytime now.

Barred Rock (Spice) 22 weeks

Easter egger (Pippin) 22 weeks

Barred rock (Sugar) 22 weeks

White leghorn (Hunter) 23 weeks

White leghorn (Gabrielle) 23 weeks

Production red (Merry) 24 weeks

Easter egger (Sparrow) 24 weeks

Easter egger (Cleopatra) 25 weeks

Barnevelder (Lacy) 27 weeks

Barnevelder (Penny) 27 weeks

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