When do eggs become fertile?


10 Years
May 22, 2009
Dexter, Michigan
I have Khaki Campbells. The hens and the drakes are all the same age. I know they will start to lay at around 18-20 weeks. Does anyone know how long it will be before the eggs are likely to be fertile and have a good hatch rate? Also, do ducks lay "pullet eggs"--like the smaller eggs that chickens lay when they are just getting started? My ducklings are just babies, but already I have some friends who are asking for eggs to incubate to start their own flocks, and I don't know what to tell them about when I might have some good eggs for them. Thanks!
Have you seen them mating yet? I would think the first bunch of eggs they lay are just starter eggs -smaller and such never heard of them being called "pullet eggs" though? When you start geting eggs from them crack them open and look for the bullseye-I would only do that if you see them mating though-then after you start seeing a bunch with bullseyes-thats when I would sell them to your friends? My personal opinion :)
My ducks were like 20 weeks when the mating started and about 1 month the later the eggs started and they were fertile I cracked a few to see and yep the bulleye was there...My are crested,pekin and mallard..Not mixed 3 different kinds of girls...Only mallard drake

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