When do eggs get full size?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by tamlynn, Mar 13, 2010.

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    How long does it take for a pullet/hen to start laying full size eggs? My wyandotte is one year old and her eggs are about a medium size. I am hoping they will still get bigger. Any ideas?
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    I have to say, I didn't really notice a huge difference from the first egg. My BO is a very slight hen, and lays smallish eggs. Her sister, who is a little bigger, lays slightly larger eggs and has also laid two double yokers. Our Red Star lays our largest eggs, and the others lay eggs comparable to store-bought medium to large eggs. However they haven't increased much from their first eggs.
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    Egg size generally maxes out within a couple of months after the first one. They sometimes get a little bigger when they start laying again after the first molt.

    Different hens lay different sized eggs. Even among the same breed, you find some size, color and even shape variations. Other than getting a little larger over the couple of months following the the first egg, a chicken's eggs maintain the same essential characteristics for life. I have a barred rock that lays a torpedo, has since the first egg about a year ago.

    Your wyandotte is probably just lays a medium-sized egg.

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    HI, [​IMG] i have SLW and they are just now over a year old & their eggs are almost the exact same size as my BR & NHR eggs plus its winter & all my hens are all molting plus my BR & NHR are not laying for the last week ,BUT my wonderful SLW are the only hens who are still laying, so i love my SLW a whole lot...!!! they are always very sweet & dependable layers[​IMG] plus my beautiful Colombian Wyandotts they are still young yet & are 6 months old December 1, they are also steady at laying , pullet eggs every day & are also sweet birds,so i have to say my wyandotts have so far been the best continuous layers ..!! very pretty & easy keepers , so we love our WYANDOTTS...!!!![​IMG]

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