When do hens lay again after chicks?


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I recently acquired a hen and her pullet. Her pullet's age I'm not sure about, full body feathering but has a short tail, still peeps, cries if she can't see her momma.

When hens have chicks, when will they begin laying again?

I've always incubated eggs and only let one of my hens hatch since she was the only one who took it seriously. Can't remember when she started laying again.
My BO has a nine week old pullet chick, and she just started laying again today. The chick has full body feathering, but still peeps.

Momma stopped clucking over her around a week ago, so I would therefore say it can take around a week.

This is my first time as a broody owner though, so that's just based on this one experience.
Well she doesn't seem to care about the chick at all, no broody hen stuff, if I seperate them, it's only the chick that cries. Hen seems to care less.

What time of year do they quit laying all together? I forget that too!

Not that it matters, my rooster is still a virgin so nothing can go in the incubator.
If hen has stopped mothering, you could expect eggs from her again any day soon.

Unless of course she is taking her winter egg-laying rest, which depends entirely on the breed. Some hybrids will lay daily all year round without a break (our bluebelle doesn't miss a day, even in winter), some purebreeds might stop altogether for weeks. It depends on what type of bird she is.

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