When do hens start to lay?

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by miss heny, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Okay, I am a walking wiki for chickens, but Guineas I am not. We have three (might go down to two if I can't catch one -_-) And at least one is a hen, and we would like to know when they start to lay.
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    Normal laying season for Guineas is Spring thru Fall. I've been getting a few eggs regularly since mid Dec here in Northern California, with the numbers gradually picking up... but exactly when your Hen (or Hens if you end up with 2) will start laying depends on your climate/weather, the amount of daylight they get, their diet... and their age. They can start laying as early as 14-15 wks old if all the cards are in place, so to speak, but usually most Guinea pullets will lay their first eggs the Spring after they are hatched. Older Hens sometimes wait a little longer for Spring to really kick in before they start laying. Guinea Hens are very secretive about when/where they lay, so don't rule out that there may be a well hidden nest or 2 already started somewhere.
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    Oh joy... And why do people pay to do Easter egg hunt? ( [​IMG])

    Thank you!
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    To follow this up... if you see a pair breeding does it follow that the hen will be laying within a few weeks? We see breeding going on from ours hatched last July. With our chickens this is a sign of eggs within the month. The 3 guineas we have fly out of the coop. Must we start looking for nests? A friend with guineas says hers start the end of May. Isn't that late for Mid Atlantic?
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    Based on what I see with my flocks, I would not count on that being an accurate indicator for predicting Guinea eggs... I've caught one of my males in one of breeding flocks (of Guineas) breeding a couple of the Hens off and on since mid January... but (sigh) no eggs from the Hens yet [​IMG] and they are great layers, just now going into their 3rd season. I haven't seen my other flocks that are laying breed at all so far this season... but obviously they have been because I am hatching keets from their eggs.

    Is there any way you can lock the Guineas up for a day or 2 and see if they are laying eggs? If not.. then yah, I'd start nest hunting, especially if you are having any Spring like weather. It is still early, but weird weather can tweak the egg laying schedule, no matter where you live. You can watch where they go when they fly out in the AM... they may lead you to a nest, (if you are sure you have Hens).
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    I was sure mine must be already but locked them up in a qt pen for three days and no eggs. Just some seriously ticked off birds. We're at a few minutes short of 12 hours day length here and it's most of the hen's second season. Today I saw them wandering further afield than normal so maybe an indicator of nest hunting.
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    Hi Miss Heny!! So good to see you again amiga! [​IMG]

    My moms guineas lay spring through fall. If they hatched last year, and are 5 monthes old or older, look for eggs in March-April to start. Good Luck!
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    Start looking now! Ours have been laying since early March - and a few days before for some. Last year they started in April...I guess the lack of really COLD weather here just turned on their laying patterns early.
  9. No eggs here yet.....

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