When do I give up and get her off the nest?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by lecobb, Apr 8, 2012.

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    Mar 24, 2010
    My goose has been sitting on 10 eggs since around the 7th of March (halfheartedly sitting a few days preceding). Since it's been at least a month, at what point should I give up and make her get off the nest? She's pale and doesn't seem to be in the best condition since she's barely moved for so long.

  2. If there are still no signs of goslings, I'd probably take her nest away in the next week or so -- I've got a goose in a similar situation only I forgot to write down when she went broody, so I'm giving her a bit longer just because of that . . . it does take 30 days to hatch a gosling and it sounds like she is definately done that.

    You could take a few eggs and candle them -- I haven't done that yet, but I'm tempted. Somewhere or someone on here could probably tell you the easiest way to do that . . .
  3. I wouldn't wait too much longer. I have a goose & ran into a similar situation. She sat for 36 days & I started bringing her a treat of fresh grass daily. She started calling out to me each time she heard me coming around . [​IMG] I had a chance to check her nest/eggs finally and found one had a very fine crack and had leaked out... who knows when. Anyway, none of her eggs were any good/viable so I took them away. [​IMG] She's now in molt but is getting her color and vitality back.... hopefully, she will lay/set another clutch before the breeding season is over. Try to get a good look at her eggs when she's on break & try to get her to eat a bit more if she'll take something fm you while she sits to tide her over a few more days if necessary.

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