When do I have to switch from paper towels to an alternate bedding?


10 Years
Aug 29, 2009
I started with shavings but realized they were too small so switched to papertowels. Oh my goodness it is SOOOO easy.
everyday I just roll up the messy ones and lay down the new ones.

I dread the shavings mess..LOL But I know they prefer something to kick around and peck at.

When should this be done?
I usually do paper towels for a week then put the chicks on shavings.

You're right! The paper towels are super easy!
2-3 days old is usually enough for paper towels.

If you're worried about dust and mess, try using compressed pine pellets - they last longer than shavings and aren't dusty. I use them for new hatchlings, too because they're too big to eat.
Ugh shavings. Buffy Bumpit is 3 weeks old now and I am having to switch to shavings because she started tearing up the paper towels and playing with them. If she hadn't been an only chick I would have had to switch sooner. I love the papertowels.....
I agree with gumpsgirl, I did around 6-7 days than went to pine chips. Mine are 3 weeks now and out in coop with pine chips. Soon to go to deep litter method once they get a little older.

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