When do I open up the nesting box?


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Sep 15, 2012
Lynden, Wa
I have 2 buff Orps and 2 EEs. They are all 17 weeks old. When I put them outside into a coop that came from a kit, it had two nesting boxes in it. They slept in there forever. Someone I work with said that I needed to kick them out of there because they are supposed to sleep in the coop, not the boxes. So I put up cardboard so that they could no longer get into the boxes. I have shavings in the nesting box and a golf ball set up in each of them. When should I open up the nesting box to them? Should I wait til I see an egg somewhere or now so that they can see that there is an "egg" in the box and hopefully figure it out?
I would remove it when you see that they have discovered the roost bar on a regular bases. If the hen gets used to laying in a floor corner then she may continue to use the spot and that is not good.
Thanks, I'll take it out and see how it goes. One of my EEs seems to be maturing quicker then the others and I'm wondering if she is going to start laying here in the next few weeks. Also, one of my BOs has a lot more red in her comb and on the side of her head/neck area then the other one does....who knows....maybe she will be getting close soon as well. Most of what I read is that they can start laying anywhere from 19-28 weeks.

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