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Mar 16, 2008
Hello everyone. We have 5 chicks that were born
February 18th they are doing great and getting huge! We were wondering when they are ready for the chicken coop. We live in Florida and and the daily temp is around 85 and low 69 at night.
They have their feathers.
Thanks for your help.
I wish I could help you. I live in Pennsylvania and the temp here has only been up to 45 in the day. I need to get my babies out too. I'm sure someone will let you know. If they have their feathers and it's only 69 at night,
I would guess,
they could go out anytime. So my DH says. Good Luck with them.
My five babies are outside now and they are two weeks, so yours are probably ready to go out. I conditioned mine first by putting them out during the day for longer and longer periods of time, then I got brave enough to leave them out all night. They have been out 5 nights now and doing fine.

IMO- in my opinion
I live here in the Gulf Coast part of Texas and have had my chicks out ever since they were 5 weeks old. They are barred rocks and danish brown leghorns, they are doing great.
my chicks are only a week and a half old so Im hoping it will warm up here before its time for them to go out. Ginbart Im in NEPA just wanted to say hi and I love the bloomsburg fair!
I have a couple of two months that I am scared to put in the coop yet. The other hens really go after them. As far as temps go you are in the clear.

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