when do I step in to help new hatches?? Or do I?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by critters, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. OK...mom thought she was done & left eggs behind...6 eggs having pipping ducklings inside...
    it is day 38 for these eggs...one duckling hatched this morning....when should I step in and
    help the other 5 out...or should I? I have raised humidity for these little muscovy guys but wondered
    if I should go to peeling back egg shells ??

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Its hard to know for sure what is best since there are so many variables. Usually the first question I would ask is about the number of eggs the mother started sitting on. Sometimes they will continue to lay for days after they start sitting - so some of the eggs if that happens may actually not be overdue. Since you say you have 6 pipped ducklings though- I would assume this may not be the case as they are all at the same stage- however they are behind the others already hatched. Opening the shell from over the airsac will allow you to see how things are progressing. You can then wet the membrane if needed- or make sure that it is not stuck to the duckling making it unable to move. You can also check to see how much blood is still within the vein network. If you can still see any- leave the eggs for a few hours at least- just wetting the membranes as needed until the blood has been absorbing. Helping to early can lead to weakened ducklings- tearing of the veins within the membrane can lead to the ducklings bleeding to death. The act of hatching incorporates a number of actions- each having to happen in turn for a successful hatch - turning in the shell helps the absorption of the blood and the drawing in of the yolk.
  3. 'duckyfromoz' thanks for your reply...I have read some of your other posts/replys and liked your train of thought and how you explained things...anyway..
    my muscovy had 13 eggs ( and 3 guinea ) in her nest...3 hatched on day 35 (friday...1 died of the 3)...mom left nest sunday...smelling a rotten egg I collected
    those left in the nest, discovering chirping and movement in some of the eggs. Found 1 rotten, disposed of it and put the rest in incubator....when I checked on
    eggs this morning(monday), day 38, it all looked the same...a couple hours later checked in to find 1 has hatched w/part of shell still 'stringing' along w/him...
    5 eggs show signs of life....4 others,don't think so but maybe they too are behind as you mentioned.... so, go ahead and peel some egg shell back and keep
    the membrane moist........ ( I have helped others eggs from different hatches but these are my muscovy and I so want the babies to make it... )
  4. well, I did as suggested and now have 6 Muscovy ducklings...3 very strong and 3 doing ok but will watch all of them carefully...
    it appears the others were either just too young, underdeveloped or weren't meant to be? ( membrane dried up in 2 when I looked in )
    but their siblings have been given a chance and I hope each will continue to grow stronger...
    I'll post some pics when the second 3 ducklings get a little stronger! [​IMG]

    now, if only my Pekin would improve and walk , all would be right!
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    Great news !! Thats 6 more than if you had left the eggs in the nest. [​IMG] Well done on saving the eggs and congratulations on the new arrivals.
  6. Ok....her's an update...wanted to show a few pics of the Muscovy cuties!....

    one of the new hatches died but the other 5 seem great!

    In the pics coming up I'm showing Pia, momma muscovy with her 2 babies... then her other
    5 babies that I hatched out.... they are all so cute!

    Also, in an earlier post, I had asked if I had a muscovy baby that hatched well after the
    others...well, he looked just like these do...wide bean, wide tail, coloring...he looks like a big sis/bro now...

    Pia and her 2 babies

    the other 5 from Pia's eggs that I hatched

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    On, Canada
    Quote:Is mama ever pretty! and the ducklings are totally adorable! i have heard that muscovy can be rather difficult to hatch.

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    undefined:D Spot on! duckyfromoz! Thats pretty much same as I do and now have 11 ducklings out of 13. Congrats critter on those cuties, Good Job! Quetsweyo

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