When do LF Cochins begin to lay?


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Feb 22, 2009
San Francisco Bay Area
I've been scouring the internet to no avail... I have some cochin pullets that I think should be laying now... and aren't. Where can I find specific information about this breed?

Oh, and I have about the same questions re BLRWs, MF Leghorns, Ameracaunas (sp?), and BCMs.

Thanks O BYC Gurus!!!
My standard Cochins starting laying at about 5 months old. Watch the comb color. When it turns bright red instead of pale, then they will be close to laying.
I have BCMs that are almost 6 months old and they do not look even close to laying but I do not push them. I am happy to grow them up and out to see which hens will go well with whatever roos I don't put in the freezer.
The Ameracuanas (I never spell it right either), muffed and tailed, will lay around 5-6 months old. Again, watch the comb. Wyandottes should be about the same but I do not own this color yet, though I am working on a deal!
Wow ~ I had no idea that the hens took that long to develop. My 23 week old rooster just began crowing (he's such a stud! LOL) and I thought that the girls would be right behind him.

Thank you, all, for filling me in.
Master S.M.C :

A show Cochin that has been bred for exhibition may not lay until 8 or 9 months

Bummer !!! and here I thought mine might be laying soon.

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