When do PEKIN ducklings turn white?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by kitkatbahr, Jun 2, 2010.

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    I have an almost 5 week old pekin baby, Sunny. She (hoping it's a she) is growing in alot of feathers but they are all coming in a buttery yellow, which is just beautiful. How long will she be this color? When do Pekins turn white? I thought they grew the feathers in white as they were growing up, but I don't know. The three Pekins I currently have were adults when I got them. The only ducklings I have ever raised were muscovy.

    I love this butter yellow. Will she stay that way for awhile?

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    my pekins turned white when they feathered out, they will have yellowish feathers if they don't get to spash around and groom themselves in a small pool, or something they can get into. you could post pictures and we could get a better idea of what your duck looks like.
  3. kitkatbahr

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    Apr 25, 2009
    Merritt Island, FL
    Well, the feathers coming in are definitely yellow. She goes outside every day and plays in her pool, forages in the grass, lays around in the sun. She preens her feathers, etc. She seems normal. I don't know if she is pure pekin though. The daddy duck is all white but has some brownish black near his butt, under his wings. Other that that, he looks pekin. The two hens (not sure which one is mom) are both pure white with yellow beak/legs and look pure pekin. I was told that dad may be a mix, as he has the blackish brown color. It'[s not alot, but he does have some, so he is not all white. He does have orangey/yellow beak and legs though.

    I will take some updated pics tomorrow. She will be 5 weeks old on Friday.

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    Mine were the buttery yellow for a couple of weeks. They changed to pure white when they moved outside full time. Certainly they were fully white by 8 weeks. (ETA mine are pure bred) [​IMG]
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  5. Mine are also feathering in buttery yellow. Just beautiful!!!! They are outside fm 7:30am till 9pm everyday. Bleenie calls it getting their "first color." Her pekins feathered in yellow also but over time turned white as they matured. My pekins just turned 3mo. old.
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    It seems the last place they lose their butter color is the back of their heads, around 8-9 weeks old. They always look so funny that way!

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