When do they start laying?


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Aug 1, 2011
First, this is my first time ever raising chickens!! I'm very excited!!
OK I'm pretty sure these ladies are Buff Brahams... They are about 2 months old. When should they start laying eggs, and how many a day/week will I get? Also, I have a Rooster... Might be a stupid question... But how do I know if any of the eggs will have a chick in them?? (Hold them up to a flashlight?! LOL)

Hi Krissy!

The average laying age for hens is 20 weeks. It can be longer, really depending on the breed. Some of the heavier breeds take 25 to even 30 weeks to begin laying.

If you want to hatch some chicks, to see if your eggs are fertile, crack a few open and you will see a tiny white dot, often called the bullseye. That's how you can tell if the rooster is doing his job. Then you could save some of the eggs up, and incubate them, or if you're lucky enough to get a broody hen, you can just let her do her thing and hatch some.

Good luck and enjoy,

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