When do you consider it "Day 1"? When to Candle for fertility?


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I have 17 Pekin eggs in the incubator right now that I set Thursday at 7pm. What day do I consider it to be Day 1? Would it be 24 hours after setting, which would be Friday at 7pm?

When do you usually candle them for the first time to check fertility? Day 3?
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thursday at 7pm would start day 0, friday at 7pm would start day 1, sat at 7pm would start day 2, and so on till hatch day, is the way i do it. william


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Day 1 technically starts the minute you put them in the incubator. So for yours, it would be 7 pm Friday evening was the end of day 1. But for simplicity's sake, most people use the rule that if you set them in the evening, the next day is counted as day 1. Thursday the 16th would be hatch day.
Were these shipped eggs? If so, you are better off handling them as little as possible. I wouldn't check for veining until at least day 7. Try to check them without picking them up if at all possible. The egg is so fragile already from being shipped, moving it too much could cause it to die. Never check for veins at day 3, it is possible to see them, but highly unlikely unless you are a pro, and have a really really good candler! Shipped eggs or not, it is best to not handle them anymore than you have to.

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I start to count the next day, if I set at night, if in the morning same day. I don't candle till day 10. Then you know positively if they are growing, red ring or clear.

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