When do you "help" them out of the shell?

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    May 20, 2009
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    At what point after they've started pipping but aren't progressing do you help crack the egg open? Or is the answer "never". Does it cause lethal stress to them if you do that? This is my first go at incubating and I'm getting a little stressed!! [​IMG] I realize that if they can't get out of the shell, it's probably because they aren't very strong birds. Do you just let them go?
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    I don't help a chick to hatch. I used to once in a while, but they often had a leg problem that kept them from hatching on their own and I ended up having to cull them anyway...or they were just too weak for whatever reason. I just let Mother Nature handle it now....Either they make it out on their own or they don't.
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    May 1, 2009
    To help or not is a personal choice.

    If your incubating temps and humidity were correct throughout the whole time then I wouldn't help at all, they weren't meant to make it. Now with that said... I have helped chicks hatch before that were in distress or became shrink wrapped after they pipped if they are not making any progress after 24 hours. Keep in mind that you have to be very careful if you do decide to help them out, somtimes they just aren't ready yet and still have blood in the membrane.
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    Its a matter of how important that bird is to you. You don't want to help birds you have a lot of because those you have to help are weaker an will make more weaker birds. If your trying to add a new breed then you probably need every bird so you might help more. I also dont open the incubator if any have just piped but not hatched. Any egg with a hole in it when you open the incubator will probably need helped later because of it. I think 24 hours after pip is when I would think about helping. I usually bring the egg to the sink an run warm water over it a remove the shell. Stop an put it back if you see blood. I also tap on the eggs before throwing them out to see if any of them chirp.
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    I help only at the end of a hatch. If it has pipped and its been 12 hours of so, I will help it. Haven't lost one yet.[​IMG]
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    Jul 11, 2010
    I help if they have taken too long to zip...if they pip, and more then 12 hrs has gone by, and nothing more, i will attempt to help. Sometimes at that point, it's already too late.

    I will pride myself in this last hatch, I help quite a few that ended up shrink wrapped due to them taking too long to get out.

    Also, there were 4 eggs that I just assumed we're dead, due to them not even pipping....well, my fiance wanted to gently crack them open just to see what happened...and on day 23, one of those 4 as soon as we gently tapped the egg, I heard chirping!!!! the egg shell seemed VERY hard, and he couldn't pip. He was born VERY big and healthy [​IMG]

    the birds are like my babies...and if I can help them stay alive...I will do what I can.

    But, I deff let them battle it out for the first 8-10 hrs alone...(of course biting my nails the whole time, hehe) [​IMG]

    good luck. it's a personal choice. everyone will have their own opinion. ... this is just mine. and all the ones I've helped have been amazing babies [​IMG]
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    Feb 5, 2008
    I like your term "shrink wrapped". It does seem like on a long hatch that this happens.
  9. pips&peeps

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    I only help if they have been shrink wrapped. Usually they have pipped all the way around or half way. I used to help them out more than this, but I have found that you get deformed chicks. The most obvious things are bent toes and cross beak.
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    Dec 26, 2008
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    I agree with most of what has been said so far. My rule is if they have been pipped for 24 hours and can't get out then I VERY slowly help them out. But I agree alot of those you help out are a little quirky! They are not as strong or as smart as the ones that hatch by themselves. I also found out that ducks take like 2-3 days to get out.
    One time I had an egg on day 25 and opened the air cell end very carefully, well I touched it and it didn't move so I assumed it didn't make it, but when I started to peel the shell off it started to bleed! I guess if they haven't pipped yet, they aren't breathing yet, so you can't see them moving up and down like I expected. It ended up dying.
    Good luck with figuring out your own method.[​IMG]

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