When Do You Know When To Stop???


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Jul 19, 2008
The Ozarks of Arkansas
I have compiled a list of how we fall into this 'chicken problem'. This is important,,those of you that are new,listen up. This could save you lots of time and money,,,

1- You 'think' you could safe a little money if you have (4) hens in the back yard for eggs.
2-You don't know how to go about this, and you think your being 'smart' by finding this website to 'help' you along the way.
3- You get great ideas from others on here, to help with coup design and breed to pick.
4-Then you pick the perfect layers(4) remember, and a couple of others you just 'like' the look of.
5-You start to build the perfect coup,yes,,,after your bathtub/brooder is full of peeps.
6-You master the perfect coup out back.
7-Then things start to happen.
8- You start to 'like' the people on this forum.
9- You start to 'like' their fuzzybutt photos.
10-You start to build a new coup.
So if you want to stop,,,you can't reach past 1 on this list. If you 'think', your 'smart', then you need 'help'. Once you reach any of the words in that line with all the '''''''' your lost,,,,
All I can say,,,,is Welcome To The BYC


11 Years
May 9, 2008
Lowell, IN
Ain't that the truth

Of course I actually got addicted at the site of my first fuzzybutt lol. Then when I got on here all of the sudden I got even more then I would have on my own. I still believe I wouldn't have been able to stop myself but I think being on here made it go faster lol

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