When do you take the chicks out??????

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digger MN

In the Brooder
9 Years
Dec 5, 2010
It is day 22 today and five chicks hatched today. Last one about two hours ago. I set 10 eggs and 7 hatched so far. They are batting the 3 eggs around like a football. Thanks for any help
You can choose between two things. One you can take them out when they are all fluffy OR you cant wait untill the other three hatch and then take them all out. Have the other three pipped yet? If so then yes you need to take the chicks out so they dont hurt the lil'ones while they are hatching.
I just wait until they can walk reasonably well. With the humdity I have to keep in my bator, they really don't fluff out until they are in the brooder. Just make sure to account for the moisture you will lose by opening the bator.

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