When does it end?

harris farm

9 Years
Aug 8, 2010
I am addicted to this incubating stuff and raising a farm. We have 16 chickens now and dont need anymore but i want to incubate. I guess i can sell them at the auction we have here every week. Anyway im not stopping yet. Anyone else like this here?
I will be jumping on the incubation bus shortly. I have 23 birds but curiosity is getting the best of me, and I want to try incubating some of my own eggs just to see what I will get. I went out yesterday and bought an incubator and am thinking about setting them next weekend. IT'S AN ILLNESS!!!!
It never ends! I love to incubate and raise babies. That's why when I counted the other day I have over 60 chickens! Now I need to start reducing to about 40. I have promised myself that just as soon as these eggs hatch, I'm going to put away the incubator - I think I can, I think I can, I think I can ...
There'a an "official" Hatchaholics Anonymous thread already going, plus some Chicken Addiction topics... all in good fun, not actual, bona-fide 12-step programs. Just us folks who cannot stop incubating or getting more chickens, hanging out together, enabling each other in our addictions, etc.

You have NO idea what I've got going in my guest room with 7 incubators... I counted up the eggs yesterday and thought, WHAT the HECK am I DOING???

And then the little peepers grab my heart again.
Well, just a bit of about everything...

I have decided I will be giving away - to local BYCers - any "duplicate" pullets and, of course, to ANYBODY, any of the roos I'm doing such a good job of hatching. I only want a couple (at most) of each breed I stuff into those 'bators. I just figured I'd have lousy hatching luck.

Uhhh.. not so far!

On the list of available chicks - which I don't mind raising to 8 or 12 weeks at ALL, so the hard work is done! - are a couple of bantam cochins, a lav orp or two, two olive egger roos, some FBCMs, and some Jersey Giants.

So far. PM me if interested!
Yeah I'm not the only one with so many bators going right now..going to have to move a bunch of them so I can get the Christmas tree up next month
Told my husband I was going to buy another big bator and sell the small ones other than one hatcher..he didn't believe a word of that one..will buy the bator and fill all the small ones as well

It never ends..the bators don't get turned off longer than it takes for cleaning but I'm way ahead of you with a few hundred birds..we sold off a lot for the winter only keeping some layers and my best breeding stock.Right now another chicken house is being built..we don't have coops and at any given moment you will find up to a few hundred chicks in my basement..doesn't everyone have chickens in theirs!
No,.. no,. I'm not like that at all. Why do you ask? Have you been talking to my family?

I can stop any time I want to,.. REALLY,. I can,. watch me,.. I'm gonna stop,. right after this next hatch
Those aren't my three bators, they belong to the chickens because they were tired of sitting on eggs and stuff, so they make me work for them and hatch out their children so that they can take over the world. SHHHHH...don't tell them I told you...they'll kill me! There are armed chickens on patrol in my yard as we speak....here comes one...gotta go!

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