When is it safe for chicks to go in with cockerel?

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7 Years
May 4, 2012
South East, Ireland
Hi all, I was just looking for some advice with regards to letting chicks in with a cockerel. We have 11 4wk old chicks which were hatched naturally with a broody and have been out in a small run with her since 2days old (their locked in a dog kennel at night) thankfully there seem to be all doing really well. Ive done a little research and it seems they can mix with other hens at around 6wks but what about the cockerels?Its just I dont think at 6 wks the chicks would be hardy enough to deal with their pecking and what not. Thank you to any one with any advice!

I found the roosters make a fuss of the chicks and mine often visit the new moms and chicks in the chick pen. I swear they know it's their babies too!
It's mainly the hens I have a problem with. They like pecking the babies. So I keep them separate for awhile.

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