When is it safe to switch from penicillin G to Tylan50 ?


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Mar 6, 2018
Hello everyone.
I have a 2 year old Hen about 6 pounds normally. She got an impacted crop. We did surgery. Let’s say it went ok . Just not like some of the videos. It’s now going on her 6 day of healing . Separated from flock. Eating great . Greek yogurt, egg yolks, rice cereal. But not drinking. Has watery poop. She now sounds like she has a upper respiratory infection . Coughing a few sneezes an wheezing.
She is in our garage with a heat lamp . Was gonna get another lamp. An a bottle Tylan 50 should I ? I don’t want her to crash was gonna stop penicillin today?
I am in jersey an haven’t found a vet yet that sees chickens. An the farmers I now just say put her down. Won’t do that yet .

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