When is it safe to take chicks outside??


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Mar 15, 2014
I have 6- 4 week old chicks- when is it okay to let them explore outside?? How long can they be outside?

Also-will I need to start adding chick grit if they start roaming outside and eating plant material?
Depends on where you live. Mine(and ducks too) where outside in the brooder by this time went outside during the day and had the heat on at night. Now they are 7-8weeks old and no more heat. I recently added two month old khaki Campbell ducks with them and they do fine too.
Thanks everyone! I haven't finished building their coop yet, but wanted to at least let them outside to roam around in a pen or something :)
I'm a beginner.... Just so ya know!

I moved mine outside, with their modified monster brooder, two weeks ago. They were 6 weeks old and the basement was getting pretty ripe and dusty. I did put in a seed heating mat that I had on hand, and a huge chunk of limestone as a heat sink... They seem to like that on those 30 degree nights.

It's in the 60's in Chicago today and the 8 week old chicks LOVE being outdoors. They are incredibly entertaining and come running for treats whenever I call. It's so cool that they put themselves to bed at sundown. They are behaving like real chickens!

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