When is it time to get the chicks out of the bator?


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Feb 17, 2010
Right now i am hatching 2 and a half dozen eggs. and their hatch date is coming up soon. i know after day 18 i stop turning them and go on lockdown. When the chicks start to hatch how long do i wait to take the hatched chicks out of the bator?
Chicks can stay in the bator for a few days. 48 hours precisely. They have that newly absorbed yolk to live off of, and don't need food or water at first. That gives them time to dry and become cute and fuzzy! It's very important not to open the incy during lockdown.....that high humidity is very important. But if you have to for some reason, you can spray a warm water mist into the incy to help restore the humidity.

Good luck with your hatch!
Good luck with your hatch! Don't fret and let them go do their thing for up to 48 hours as mentioned above. They will seem pitifully lost and peeping like maniac.....but it is and will be OK.

Let them dry out a bit and then enjoy the fun!
I'm at this stage right now, first pip was last night and as of right now 7 out of 10 have hatched. Its killing me to see them running around in there an thinking about how hungry they must be. I worry about them rolling the three eggs that are left around in the incubator too. Also when the last one hatched, they were all taking a little taste of its feet while it tried to get out of the shell. I sooooo, want to take them out and put them in the brooder. BUT NO! I will show restraint!

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