When is it too late to get hatchlings?


7 Years
May 30, 2012
Bakersville, North Carolina
I'm moving to a new house. There is plenty of land and a few ponds. I'd planned to get 4 Rouen ducks, all females from chicks. We've been waiting to get them until we move and build the duck house. Now it'll be the second week of June (at the earliest) that I can accommodate the hatch-lings. We live in the mountains and cold weather is unpredictable in the fall. My boyfriend says it will be too late and they will not be mature by the time it could get cold. Can any of you advise? These will be ducks for both eggs and meat.
Hello and welcome to BYC! Sorry, can't answer you on ducklings, but if you post under the "Ducks" section on the forum I'm sure someone will be able to advice you. Enjoy the site!
from Alabama. Glad you joined us.

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