When is the last time you saw show quality Speckled Sussex?


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When is the last time you saw show quality Speckled Sussex? I have searched every where I can in the United States and have not really found any outstanding birds. I mean Really Show quality not just basically red with white spots. When you want excellent waterfowl you go to Holdereads and when you want fabulous Silkies you go places like Hattrick Silkies. But where do you go for Sussex? I read an article somewhere that said it is extremely hard to get to truly high quality Sussex. This article also said that the few who reached high quality lost all productivity because they had been focused on show quality only. I would really like to raise champiion Sussex. I went ahead and just started with ordinary because that is all I can find. Is there anyone who has really worked with their Speckled Sussex in the United States One Nation under GOD to breed champions?
Back in Britain.

I have heard of a chap, Gary Overton of Ohio, who breeds exhibition Speckled Sussex.
Yes Gary is one of the best Sussex breeders I've seen in pictures.

Sometimes the Poultry Press would have some show quality Sussex for you!
I don't know her name but at the last show I went to best LF was a speckled sussex hen. This was an APA show and the hen was beautiful! Wish I could help more I know her name was Glenda.
I've only ever seen one and I wasn't that impressed. Her color was too light for my tastes, but she wound up Champion English. This was an APA show as well. She had good body type and the white dot on each feather, but the color was simply too light...impressive to look at though!

I have no idea whose it was, but it was at least 5-7 years ago.
I only have one sussex really worth anything the others have not enought spots or the rooster has white in his tail. She isnt perfect either she doesnt have any white in a ring around her neck area.


see you can definately tell. She does have white up around her head..... I was wondering the same thing
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